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Helping You Stand Up For Your Parental Rights

As a parent, you know what is best for your children. If you are in the middle of a custody dispute, your primary concern is doing what is best for your kids while advocating for your rights and beliefs as a parent.

At Cane Law Firm, we help mothers, fathers and guardians throughout Texas with their custody and visitation matters. In every case, we put the best interests of your children before everything else. Having said that, we will assertively advocate for a custody and visitation schedule that suits your needs as well.

What Factors Affect Custody And Visitation?

If you and your co-parent do not agree on custody issues, then a judge will decide the matter. Judges will consider many factors, including:

  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • The needs of the child
  • The location of each parent
  • The presence of domestic violence, mental illness or substance abuse
  • The child’s preference, if the child is 12 or older

Families can prevent a lot of strife by avoiding a custody trial. Our attorney, Christine Cane, has helped many parents reach a satisfactory arrangement outside of court. However, she will not hesitate to go to trial for your custody dispute, divorce case or any other family law matter.

Paternity In Texas: Understanding Fathers’ Rights

Family courts used to believe that women were inherently better guardians than men. Today, we know that this is not necessarily true. However, fathers still face barriers when it comes to their rights. If you are a father, you need a lawyer who can:

  • Ensure the court respects your parental rights
  • Enforce your custody order
  • Establish or disprove paternity

Cane Law Firm can help you understand your rights as a father, uphold these rights and help you get parenting time with your children.

Stand Up For Your Rights As A Parent

If you live in the Dallas metro area, contact Cane Law Firm today. We will advocate for your best interests and help you with any custody or visitation issues. Schedule a consultation by calling 972-290-0068. You can also reach us online via email.