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Working Hard To Protect Your Family’s Brighter Future

A marriage that ends in undignified ways can divide a family and scar a child’s psyche for years. Money becomes an issue; property is fought over; friends and relatives take sides, supporting one spouse or the other. This is a trying time that cries for legal leadership – the steady hand of a seasoned family lawyer.

To ensure that your rights are protected, your goals are safeguarded and your physical safety is guaranteed during this time of great turmoil, the attorney you want on your side is Christine Cane of Cane Law Firm.

A skilled legal professional and loving family member in her own right, Christine personally relates to your feelings and frustrations. She becomes your accompaniment on a challenging journey, your confidant and your advocate, inside and outside the courtroom, if an amicable result is not possible for your dispute. She handles every detail of every document, so you won’t have to. Her impressive command of divorce issues gives you the strength to move on with your life.

Your Serious Family Law Issues Treated With Utmost Care, Character And Confidence

Our founding attorney, Christine Cane, has experience and legal knowledge that runs the gamut of divorce and family law matters, from contested high-asset divorce to child custody and visitation concerns to property division arrangements that are fair for all concerned. Most of all:

  • We care about what matters to you.
  • The character of our integrity propels us — and inspires you.
  • You can have the utmost confidence in our ability to achieve positive results.

Did domestic violence or substance abuse issues lead to the end of your marriage in Tennessee or Texas? Are you concerned that a custodial co-parent is trying to relocate the child or children you share out of state? Has your life been altered by an injury, illness or job loss that would affect your ability to pay spousal maintenance or child support?

Cane Law Firm is here to listen to you, learn from you and turn what we learn into tangible, practical outcomes you can live with.

Smoothly Guiding You During A Difficult Time – Contact Cane Law Firm

Your best interests are our main priorities. For family law and divorce legal guidance that gives you hope, call 972-290-0068 or communicate with us by email. Your initial consultation will be conducted in an atmosphere of comfort, candor and confidentiality. Christine Cane is licensed to practice law in the states of Tennessee and Texas.