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At Cane Law Firm, we can protect your rights in cases involving family strife, criminal charges and severe personal injuries.

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Providing Seasoned Defense For State And Federal Cases

Have you been charged with a crime? Do you know someone who has been charged with a crime? It is important to remember that YOU HAVE RIGHTS!! Let an attorney who knows the law fight for you. Do not go to court without representation. Innocent or guilty, you are innocent until proven guilty. Don’t give up your rights; let an experienced attorney make sure your rights are protected. At Cane Law Firm, our attorney has the experience to defend your rights in cases involving:

When you are facing charges for state and federal crimes, call Cane Law Firm at 972-290-0068 to discuss your case. We will help you make the state prove your guilt; don’t just give up your rights without a fight.

Traffic Tickets

Cane Law Firm will handle all of those speeding tickets, stop light violations, stop sign violations and more in Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, Collin, Hunt, Wise, Parker, Rockwall, Ellis, Johnson, and Kaufman counties. No need to travel to us – just call for your case evaluation and intake, pay a minimal fee, and we will handle it for you. We fight to get deferment and warrants lifted for you.

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Find out how Cane Law Firm can help with a call to 972-290-0068 now. You can also reach out online to get legal advice.