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At Cane Law Firm, we can protect your rights in cases involving family strife, criminal charges and severe personal injuries.

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Introducing Cane Law Firm In Dallas

Have you been legally shortchanged by a person or institution, law enforcement, government agency or insurance company in Texas?

Concerned, compassionate attorney Christine Cane, founder of the Cane Law Firm, never overlooks the needs of the underserved. She applies years of experience, vast legal knowledge and a tradition of personal service to problems felt by individual and family clients throughout south Dallas and Dallas County.

To learn more about Christine Cane’s educational background and career accomplishments, we invite you to click on her attorney biography link.

The Law Firm Known For Care, Character, Confidence

Practice areas in which Christine Cane excels as your lawyer include criminal defense, personal injury, family law and divorce. Her practice is marked by tenacity at trial and tenderness for those who must mourn a devastating personal loss. Her primary goal in every case she handles is to do what she can to put your legal crisis behind you and return you to a normal life.

Along the way, you receive the best of Christine’s close personal attention, including prompt answers to your questions and openness to your ideas on how best to prosecute your legal matter. She is licensed to represent clients in Texas and in Tennessee, where her law office was established.

Contact An Attorney Who Will Work Hard For You

Have you been arrested for a felony crime or seriously injured in an accident caused by negligence? Are you contemplating divorce and worried about how the end of your marriage will emotionally impact your children? Do not wait. Call Cane Law Firm today at 972-290-0068 or reach us via email.